Why it’s important to have a .Com domain for your business

For almost the past 20 years, the general consensus has been having a .com domain for your business is best. There has been countless alternative domain extensions hitting the market over the last few years, but .com is still the King. The phrase “.com” has come to represent most of the internet sites people visit and is always the first point of call for people trying to key in a URL of any particular brand.

Here are some important reasons to use a .com domain for your business:

  • .Com’s are the most registered domains
  • .Coms have become known as the default website extension
  • .Coms are cost effective to renew
  • .Coms receive more type in traffic than any other extension
  • .Coms are seen as more professional by customers
  • .Coms are great for a company with global aspirations
  • .Coms have SEO / Search Engine results benefits
  • .Coms provide less chance of your customers visiting fake sites pretending to be you



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