Stand Out with a Disntinctive Brand Name

Dinstinct BrandTrying to be normal isn’t something you should have in mind when selecting a brand name for your venture. Maybe at school you tried your best not to attract too much attention and blend in with the crowd, perhaps you wanted to feel part of a group or just plain normal. Well to those that ever tried to be normal, leave that in the past when choosing a brand name, this is where you should be aiming for the exact opposite!

The best brand names are bold, take a risk and stand out from the crowd

So here’s a few tips to ensure your chosen brand name will be distinctively unique…

Don’t Try To ‘Fit In’ — Normal Is Your Enemy

Having a name that fits in to similar formats, styles or imagery to your competition can water down and blur your brand. Blending in to the crowd is the last thing you should hope to do when selecting a brand name. A brand that doesn’t sound like the others and stands out from the crowd is more likely to attract interest from a potential customer looking for your product amongst a range of similar brands.

An Obscure Name Can Be Quite Memorable

Especially one that draws a visual image. The world’s leading memory experts all agree that visual imagery is far easier to remember than text. Just the act of hearing someone say your brand name should ideally create a distinct visual picture in the mind of the listener. Weird and obscure imagery can work or imagery more fitting to your brand’s message in a unique way also helps your brand stay remembered.

Use ‘Feeling’ To Connect Your Name To Your products

Without having to describe your business or products accurately, using a name that evokes a feeling that connects with your products or mission will help your name stand out and feel natural. For instance, you could say an Apple is a simple image, and Apple computers try to simplify the user experience of computers and technology. Another example is Pepsi, which when you say it almost sounds like the sound of opening a can or bottle of soda, a name with a spark of energy. Try to get that feeling connection between your brand name and your products and it will just feel right!

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