Startup Name Ideas

It's often said that all the great domains are taken!

We believe this is becoming the case... maybe not all of the great ones are gone but definitely most of them are already registered. It's becoming extremely hard to find any good ones left.

So what are your options in getting a great name and matching domain?

There are a couple of options in securing a great domain name but finding a brand name from our Brandable Domain Marketplace is one of the easiest and quickest ways of securing your ready-to-use premium name.

Another option is to contact the owner of a domain that you would like but has already been registered. However, this is usually a frustrating experience as often there are time delays and mismatched pricing expectations that require lengthy negotiations. A regular occurrence is after a domain owner gets an unsolicited offer they suddenly fall in love with their domain and think it is worth a lot more than before you contacted them. So be prepared to have deep pockets and a lot of time.

If you have a special request for a specific domain name or want our help finding a great one for your startup, business or product, we are happy to provide our services free of charge at this stage. To take advantage of our domain and branding expertise go to our Contact Us page and shoot us a detailed message.

We love working with and assisting other entrepreneurial people.

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