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AfroGuy Listing at Namerific Domain Name Marketplace

I have submitted some of my personal domains to Namerific Domain Marketplace. I will be posting updates of my dealings with the guys at Namerific, but from most reports they seem to be a well-respected and effective Brandable Marketplace. There were a few domains they didn’t accept, which was surprising considering the ones they have listed already. However, so far I can say that I recommend them as they, like us at Namerific don’t require exclusivity, just that you do not offer the domain cheaper anywhere else online. Which is of course more than reasonable.

The ability to upload your own logos is great and you can choose how much to pay the logo designer from $100-$1000. Most people obviously choose the $100 but offering a higher amount can attract better designers.

Here are my .com listings with them:

  • AfroGuy
  • Phonerific
  • Honkd
  • Innocart
  • Leapler
  • Brandesta
  • Podent
  • Hentworth
  • Vegest
  • Ziptive
  • Dealinator

It’ll be interesting to see how the names go on Namerific. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Mark, I haven’t sold any through Namerific as yet. However, I have sold one of the domains they had listed and had to remove it from Namerific with no issues. I’ll post back here if any of the remaining domains sell through their platform.

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