How to choose an EPIC Brand Name for your Business

Branding Tick of ApprovalChoosing the perfect name for your Business or Startup is no easy task, but if you follow this guide, you should end up with some brilliant options to choose from. Having multiple options will mean you can conduct a bit of market testing to gather outsider feedback before investing time and money into developing it further.

The name of your business will have a significant impact on how you are perceived, and with information overload and shorter attention spans becoming a lasting trend, you want to make as many quick, positive and lasting first impressions as possible when your business brand name is introduced, whether they be potential partners, customers or employees, the name will affect everybody’s first impressions.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing the all-important name of your venture…

Must be Memorable & Unique

One of the most important factors in successfully choosing your new name is that it is hard to forget and isn’t similar to a known brand. A clean slate is what your special little creation deserves if he is to have the best chance of a great future. With a bit of nuture and care, he just might grow up big and strong!

Spelling should be Obvious

If someone hears a new name it should be quite obvious to how it should be spelt. For example, if you hear about a new site called “Innoventing” and try to Google it yourself, you wouldn’t type in “Innooventyng”. Even though you’ve never heard the word before you realize that it’s a mix between two words that you know how to spell so it’s obvious.

Keep It Simple Stupid…

Acronyms are a big no-no! People will struggle to remember most of them. Short, sharp and sweet is the game plan here. The less letters the better, it will save you money in marketing latter and people will be able to recall a brand if it’s simple. Also, it should be easy and ideally fun to pronounce and say the word…

Your Name in the StarsAllow Room for Expansion

Don’t pick a name that labels you as a small business. This means avoiding locations and product categories as part of the name. Imagine if Amazon had called themselves BellevueBookStore. This would have labelled them as a local Bellevue business and also as a Book retailer, and hampered their efforts to grow into the mega publisher/retailer/technology company that they are today. A well branded name will not put your business in a box and stunt its growth, instead the name should allow the business the opportunity to be whatever it wants and succeed wherever it wants.

Is there any Sense?

Bringing visuals to mind is one of the best ways to remember anything and this includes your Brand name. So a name like “BeeSox” that can make people think of a little Honey Bee wearing little sox, will be so much more memorable and thus cheaper to market than “XOLIBU” that provides no sense or imagery to attach to. The second Brand Name could end up being one of the most recognized names in the world one day, but it will take truckloads more money to get there.

Make sure you can really Own the Name

Call me Captain Obvious if you may, but get it wrong here and will pay for it! Your company name and Internet domain name should be identical, and to avoid confusion and lost customers you should ensure you acquire the .COM domain name. You may have to negotiate with the current owner but the earlier you do this the better, if you grow the business and try to buy it when your well-known expect to pay exponentially more for it. Always check your name against the U.S. Patent Office for Trademarks, before you begin to operate with your new name.

Your Brand on a JourneyGet Feedback

Once you’ve found a few great potentials, test them out with people that don’t know much about what you’re up to. This should provide some fresh-eyed insights into imagery and emotions that your chosen names will carry.

Then it’s time to make the decision and begin the journey of taking your unknown little name down the road to becoming a….

EPIC Powerhouse Brand.

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