GoDaddy pulls the plug on super cheap domain registrations.

Originally published July 31st 2015 (Updated: Aug 12th 2015):

godaddy-coupon-errorGoDaddy, a $4 Billion dollar domain name registrar & website host provider seems to be pulling the plug on accepting coupon codes from existing customers wishing to register a cheap domain name. These GoDaddy codes ranged from 99 cents to around $6. Their new policy seems to have just come into effect within the last week of July. As of the time of writing this article, it seems GoDaddy have been keeping quiet about this.

It costs the Domain Registrars more than $8 to register a new .com domain for their customers, and GoDaddy have been subsidizing this for many years to grow to over 12 million customers with 59 million domains under management. They have not made a profit since 2009, and in that time have lost well over $500 million.

On July 31st 2015: The error when trying to enter any coupon on GoDaddy is “Some of our best offers are limited to one per customer and it looks like you’ve already used one. We’ve updated your cart with the best offer, if one is available.”



Update August 12th 2015:

GoDaddy’s New Coupon Error: As at August 12th 2015: GoDaddy has updated their promo code error to: “We can only offer such great promotions by limiting them to one per customer. It looks as if you’ve already used this type of promotion.”


So it seems GoDaddy have made their error message a bit easier to decipher. Now they are simply saying they can only continue to offer such crazy prices once per customer and you’ve already used yours.

If you are a new customer, discount codes can be applied at checkout but use it wisely as it may be the only discounted domain name you can register with them! Millions of people have taken advantage of the cheap registrations, but as of this week, it seems the days of super-cheap domain name registrations are over.

So what’s the Cheapest deal for a new .com regsitration now?

As of July 31st 2015, the cheapest deal for a new .com registration from a trustworthy registrar that we could find is with NameSilo. If you know of a better one post it in the comments below. We did a lot of research to find a GoDaddy coupon alternative.

Using the coupon “CHEAPESTCOM” allows you to register at US$7.99, which still means NameSilo are taking a loss on it even though it is a far more reasonable loss (and perhaps sustainable) to grow their company while not having to disappoint their customers by taking it away in the future.

Update August 12th 2015: We were able to find a deal from 1and1 for a single 99cent .com domain registration (new customers only). However, we have read far too many negative reviews and feedback about the registrar. The numerous horror stories indicate to us that the risk is probably not worth it, when you can get your domain name registered at one of the highest rated and loved domain registrars going around for $7.99. 1and1 charge $14.99 for additional .com registrations, so as it stands if you choose to use them, it’s probably best to only use 1and1 for a single domain that is on your ‘maybe’ list. Any domain that you really love would be best to be registered with NameSilo for $7.99 and a bunch of piece-of-mind.

Could NameSilo be the next king of domain name registrars?


The cheapest coupon for a .com registration available online from a known & trustworthy registrar NameSilo

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  1. NS strategy seems to be similar to Godaddys when they first got started. Their main goal is getting people in the door then auctioning valuable names when they drop.

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