What is a Brandable Name?

A Brandable Name is often considered to be a made-up word (Twitter, Facebook) or regular word used in a new way (Amazon, Apple). Some times it can be a hack of a regular word with missing letters (Flickr), additional letters (Digg) or two words merged to make a new work (Microsoft, Wikipedia).

Choosing a Brandable name for your business can make life easier for growth and when it comes time to fill trademark applications. Generic keyword names like News.com or Business.com are extremely valuable domains but are not great for acquiring the trademark rights as they are too easily challenged. A generic name may be more descriptive and accurate but a shorter brandable is more likely to be remembered and leave lasting impressions.

Brandables that don’t have a strong meaning related to your business can be useful if there comes a time to expand into different markets. For instance, Amazon has now expanded into many product categories and even films. If they named their business OnlineBookStore.com they would have had a very hard time being respected and perceived as a company that can enter such a wide-range of categories.

When a name has been decided on, it is vital to acquire the matching .com domain name or as time passes the marketing efforts of the company will increase the value of the .com domain to a point where it will be a very expense purchase should the company wish to finally acquire it. Along the way you could loose traffic and expose your customers to a scam website trying to pass as your own. To avoid this buying or registering the .com domain before you begin to market the brand can save time and headaches later.

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