Brand Citations & SEO Effects for Domain Names

Google is an ever-changing beast and when it comes to SEO the search engines are getting smarter at recognizing well regarded brands.

One way Google does this is measures how many times your brand is mentioned online. No we’re not talking about backlinks here, just a mention of your brand. For instance if someone was to post on their blog… “I bought a great brand name for my new venture at BustABrand.” This would be regarded as a citation and having a large amount of these mentions helps us rank for our relevant keywords.

What does this mean for branding your business and obtaining a domain name?

Well if the proposed brand name (and matching domain) is a phrase that is already mentioned on the web, then you could benefit from this citation SEO. As once you launch your brand, people will still be talking about your brand name without even knowing it.

For example, we are selling the word trojanism is a word that is already being talked about online. These mentions can help your brand and will most likely continue after you launch your brand.

Already a factor in SEO

If you have been keeping up-to-date on the latest SEO ranking factors then you should already know that citations have been a ranking factor for several years.

How to take advantage of Citations for SEO

By choosing a made up word for your brand and getting people to use that word in online conversations is the ultimate goal to take full advantage of this. Another domain we are selling (and soon to list on BustABrand’s marketplace) is Now if you could get your networks and others to start calling Branding experts “Brandists” in a few Epic articles then follow up with more mentions on twitter & facebook, then the phrase could catch on a little and your brand would benefit from these mentions.

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