BustABrand was created by a serial entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

Coming up with a great brand name is usually hard enough, but these days we have to consider acquiring a suitable domain name to build the online presence and when most of the great domains are already registered just about every brand name you can come up with will already be taken. Most often, when you attempt to buy a domain name from an owner (even if they are not using it for anything) they will usually have unrealistic expectations of value. It’s a catch-22, because usually the moment you make contact to show interest, they fall in love with their domain and raise their perceived value of it.  The negotiations can often be lengthy as it will now take time and lack of other interest for the owner to lower his expectations again. Your interest can motivate the domain owner to market the domain to potential buyers to try to start a bidding war. Sometimes the domain negotiation process takes years to come to an agreement. 

So to tackle this increasingly common issue entrepreneurs face.. BustABrand only lists premium brandable domains for very reasonable fixed pricing, saving you the headaches and allowing you to launch sooner and focus on your venture’s success.

The BustABrand Marketplace and Blog is your source for finding great Brand names of the future. We are developing our Blog with well-researched articles to help you obtain knowledge and insights into anything relating to domains, websites, online marketing, social media, SEO, branding, logo design and internet based media.

The mission of our Blog is to educate, entertain and inform, so that you can make smarter decisions in picking an amazing name for your next venture. We cover topics such as buying quality domains, hand registering a domain, creating a brand personality, choosing a logo design, color palate and more.

The mission of our Marketplace is to assist Entrepreneurs in finding a Brand fit between the name they trade under (and domain used) and their overall business goals and personality. Our marketplace is designed to save time and money in selecting a great brand name, by only listing premium brandable domains with creatively designed logos for low fixed pricing.

2015 is going to be a big year, and we wish you a very exciting and prosperous entrepreneurial journey.

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