5 Tips for Naming your Business

When coming up with a Brand Name for a business, project, blog  or even band name, often people just brainstorm wildly while forgetting crucial steps to ensure the name you create can be used to it’s fullest potential. The following tips will assist you in choosing a name that should give you minimum obstacles in propelling that Name into  stardom and taking ownership.

Keep it Short

The shorter the name, the easier it is to remember and type correctly. Type it a few times and it will be hard for someone to forget it. Long names can be easily forgotten and confused, which can severely limit spread of your brand amongst the ever shorter attention span of the masses.

Make it easy-to-spell

Radio-test, if someone hears your domain name, could they be able to spell it correctly? Sometimes blending two words together but maintaining the correct spelling for each half of the new word, can help. Because people know how to spell the two words you’ve blended then just mix the two and easily find your site.

Needs to Sound Good

The name should sound like it flows, if it sounds and feels awkward to say then choose another. When you tell people your name they should want to say it back themselves. This not only helps people remember it but shows that your name is fun and sounds good enough to talk about.

Google the Name

Research what other similar names are appearing in search results when you search for it. You want to make sure their isn’t a powerhouse site getting attention from the search that will be hard to displace from the rankings.

Use a name that has some meaning

The name should suggest a positive or realistic personality trait or benefit of your business. People should start to get an idea of what your business is about just by hearing/seeing the name. This will help people remember it and create some feelings towards your brand quickly as audiences connect with it.

Finding or creating a name doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With these tips kept in mind, you will be off to a great start in selecting the perfect fit of Brand Name and Product/Service offering. Good Luck in the pursuit of your Brand Development!

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